We Deliver Bespoke Professional Videos, Whatever Your Purpose Is.

There’s multiple ways to add more value to your brand and video production is probably the best one. A professional-looking video can launch your company to the next level in the eyes of your clients.

We work hand in hand with our clients and our creative marketing team to provide you with that so desired extra value.

Professional Video Production.

Our in house team plans, produces and edits whatever you need.

Social or Website Content

Videos typically draw more attention than photos when it comes to social media, as they also do on websites.

Stand out on all platforms, we can produce videos in all sizes, vertical, square and widescreen.

We help you improve your social media engagement and boost your website by providing professional videos for them.

Marketing Videos

A professional-looking ad is the face of your brand. It will help you win the heart of the ones you’re advertising to. Well made, professional videos generate more engagement than photos.

We work hand in hand with our creative and marketing team to shape your ideas into the video that you need to draw more attention to your products, services or website.

Online Training or E-learning Videos

It can be hard creating the right content for your brand. That’s why we offer to do the job for you.

We help you fill your e-learning platform with the professional-looking content that your clients are seeking. 

We also help you create the content to train your employees about their jobs or your customers about your products.

Creating Professional videos 

We Do So Much More Than Just Video Production.

More so, we listen to your needs and adjust to them. We are here to make sure your project comes out perfect. Whether you need some editing for a video that’s been pre-filmed, chyrons added to it, or the audio fixed. Our in-house teams of professionals are here to your rescue! 

We are always pleased to hear about your ideas and projects. No job is too big or small!

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Callie Wilcox – Memorable Merchandise

“We have had a long relationship with Evana and have found them to be as eager today as they were when we began working with them. We have found them to be enthusiastic, informative and well priced. Over our relationship they have helped design our new logos, helped in the design of our website, built, launched and currently manage.”

Mike Wilson – The Garden Path

“I can’t recommend Evana Designs highly enough, they immediately grasped the raidon d’etre of my business and created a website which perfectly promotes it. My clients love the site and first impressions always count.”

We create beautiful web solutions in-house out of our offices in Bath (UK) and Tarragona (Spain).

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